Relearning Thanksgiving

During this Thanksgiving holiday week, we recognize that many may be celebrating with friends and family. Perhaps they are gathering in-person for the first time in…

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Homeless & Runaway Youth

Every year, the rate of American families becoming homeless increases. This includes more than 1.6 million children. Furthermore, homeless children are four times more…

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Child Welfare Workforce Crisis & the Pat McGuire Child Welfare Education Fellowship Program

Child Welfare Workforce Crisis In recent years, the child welfare system has experienced high rates of employee turnover. The workforce is struggling to retain…

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Suicide Prevention Month

Authored by: ICOY Trauma Specialist Heshima Mance and ICOY Trauma Intern Emily Waskowitz As September comes to a close, the ICOY Trauma Team reflected…

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COVID-19 Resources & Updates

With the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and recent Executive Orders issued by Governor JB Pritzker’s office, our organization is working to consolidate information and resources…

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Image shows a graphic novel open to page where a student tries to share a cookie, but the offer is declined due to an allergy. Also in the image are school snacks with listed allergens.

Legislation in IL: School Standards for Sex Education and Life-Threatening Allergies

Recently, Governor JB Pritzker signed legislation that updates the state’s standards for sex education in K-12 schools. The voluntary standards will emphasize health, safety,…

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Image shows Senator Mike Simmons standing next to Governor JB Pritzker, Jett Hawkins, and Ida Nelson after the legislation was signed.

Legislation in IL: Inclusive & Safe Learning Environments & Transgender Individuals’ Rights

In recent news, Governor JB Pritzker has signed multiple bills into legislation that directly impact youth in Illinois. Additionally, the “State Second District Appellate Court of Illinois affirmed the expansive protections of…

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A collection of school supplies, including a backpack, pencils, tissues, face masks, art supplies, cleaning wipes and a backpack.

Back to School with COVID-19

“The COVID-19 vaccines have done an extraordinary job of stamping out disease and death. But as the hypertransmissible Delta variant hammers the United States,…

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Immigrant Heritage Month and BIPOC Mental Health Month

June was a month to celebrate immigrants and their contributions to community and culture in our country – Immigrant Heritage Month. And as July comes to a close,…

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Pride Flag Stickers, You Are Beautiful

LGBTQI+ Pride Month: Transgender Awareness

At ICOY, we champion the safety, health and success of Illinois’ children, youth, and families. Within this mission, we strive to create an inclusive…

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