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In 2022, ICOY staff members embarked on a journey of self-reflection to define ICOY and establish a 5-year Strategic Plan. Listed below are some of the agreed-upon tenets and conclusions of that plan.

Mission Statement: ICOY champions the safety, well-being, and success of all Illinois’ children, youth, and families by connecting and strengthening the organizations that serve them and by being a collective voice for policy and practice.

Big-Picture Vision Statement: We envision a just and equitable Illinois that values and invests in ensuring that all children, youth, and families are healthy, thriving, and inter-generationally successful.

Core Belief Statement: ICOY believes that children, youth, and families have the right to have their basic needs met and the opportunities and resources they need to succeed, and that Illinois only succeeds when all of its children, youth, and families thrive.

Additionally, ICOY has established 5 Core Values as essential to its identity and role as an organization aimed at promoting the welfare of children and youth across Illinois:

ICOY Core Values: 1. Collaboration: We build bridges between people, organizations, and systems to create shared solutions and work toward mutually beneficial futures. 2. Equity: We seek to eliminate systemic injustice by working toward a world where everyone has access to the resources and opportunities they want and need. 3. Dignity: We center, respect, and affirm people's humanity in all our actions and interactions. 4. Strategy: We plan proactively and act intentionally, keeping community at the center. 5. Catalyzing Change: We innovate and take healthy risks in order to reimagine outcomes, improve conditions, and transform systems.

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