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ICOY’s Equity & Access Fund

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Unrestricted funds create a barrier for organizational representation

At ICOY we believe that Illinois only succeeds when ALL its children and youth thrive. To achieve that vision, we work to ensure that our coalition and collective voice incorporates voices from the widest possible range of community providers serving children, youth, and families.

A lack of consistent access to unrestricted funds is a real barrier for many organizations to participate as members of ICOY. Many organizations providing critical service(s) in their communities do not have a legacy of philanthropic giving, such as endowment funds, relationships with foundations and corporations, wealthy Board members, an internal development department, or other resources that make it possible for them to join associations like ICOY.

When voices like these are excluded, even unintentionally, our collective understanding of the challenges and triumphs community organizations face is limited. As a result, our advocacy suffers.

For this reason, ICOY’s Board of Directors has established the Equity and Access Fund to provide subsidized memberships for qualifying community-based organizations. We humbly ask that all ICOY members, and especially those who pay dues at the maximum amount, to make an additional annual contribution to the Equity and Access Fund. These additional funds are used to subsidize membership for community-based organizations that have limited or even nonexistent unrestricted funding.

Our collective voice is stronger and more inclusive when we make it possible for those who serve in isolated rural communities, or urban neighborhoods with a history of disinvestment, to be at the table alongside us. Our advocacy agenda will be better informed when we reflect the true range of needs of our young people. Because of the Equity and Access Fund, ICOY can more effectively achieve its collective vision.

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If you’re an organization that’s interested in applying for a subsidized membership, please contact Conor Van Santen for more information.

If you or your organization are interested in contributing to the fund, please click the button below!