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2023 Policy, Legislative, and Advocacy Agenda

Illinois Collaboration on Youth (ICOY), with support and input from our Policy Advisory Committee (PAC), has identified three overarching, long-term priorities that highlight not only the challenges we hope to address, but are also indicative of what ICOY envisions for the future of child and family well-being in Illinois. These key priority areas:

1.        Advancing Child and Family Well-Being

2.       Strengthening the Human Services Sector

3.       Addressing Racial Justice and Equity

ICOY’s established Guiding Principles serve as the foundation for our policy, legislative, and advocacy agenda with the mission of championing the safety, well-being, and success of all Illinois’ children, youth, and families by connecting and strengthening the organizations that serve them and by being a collective voice for policy and practice. Some of these priorities are ones in which ICOY is the leading partner or champion, and others are priorities in which we are working as allies in collaboration with others. As always, ICOY will engage emerging issues that arise throughout the year when they align with our mission, vision, and values.

ICOY continues to view legislation through a racial equity lens with the intention of correcting systemic racism and promoting justice and equity. ICOY will respond to budget proposals as they develop and will advocate for adequate resources and investment needed to ensure that children, youth, and families have a strong foundation.

ICOY proactively plans and acts intentionally to advocate for community-based providers to have adequate resources to support children, youth, and families to reach their potential and contribute to their communities. ICOY's Policy Team monitors and supports specific legislation that has appropriations and funding needs attached to them. To best prepare for the finalization of the Illinois State Budget, and the Budget Implementation Bill (BIMP), ICOY's Policy Team will summarize and provide highlights once projections have been finalized by the General Assembly. We will also prepare detailed budget analyses and breakdowns by state agency based on the programs and services provided on behalf of membership organizations, including specific line items and the allocation amount. The state is expected to announce its budget proposal for FY24 on Wednesday, February 15, 2023 during the Governor’s State of the State Budget Address. At that time, ICOY's Policy Team will provide analyses of the final Illinois state budget to be shared with individual member agencies, ICOY's virtual community, and our weekly newsletter.

Advancing Child and Family Well-Being

ICOY has a strong commitment to advancing child and family well-being for all Illinoisians. This involves understanding child, youth and adolescent, and family functioning in physical, mental, behavioral, economic, and social areas of life.  A focus on child and family well-being should be embedded into all aspects of work in the human services sector, particularly around child abuse and neglect prevention, reducing risks and increasing protective capacity and safety, and building the capacity for organizations and systems improvement. Below are ICOY’s current legislative measures meant to advance child and family well-being.

Strengthening the Human Services Sector

ICOY seeks to improve outcomes for individuals and families by strengthening human services organizations that support them. ICOY strives to build an Illinois Human Services system that will ensure all children, youth, and families have their basic needs met and the opportunities and resources they need to succeed. ICOY believes that Illinois will only succeed when all its children, youth, and families thrive. Below are ICOY’s current legislative measures meant to Strengthen the Human Services Sector.

Addressing Racial Justice and Equity

ICOY envisions a just and equitable Illinois that values and invests in ensuring that all children, youth, and families are healthy, thriving, and inter-generationally successful. We seek to eliminate systemic injustice by working toward a world where everyone has access to the resources and opportunities they want and need. Additionally, ICOY is committed to entering the difficult dialogues necessary to affect change in the areas of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. Below are ICOY’s current legislative measures meant to Address Racial Justice and Equity.

Illinois State Budget

ICOY fiercely advocates for community-based providers to have adequate resources so that children, youth, and families can reach their potential and contribute to their communities.

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