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Take action with ICOY in our advocacy efforts by joining our Quick Response Network (QRN). Members of the QRN learn about different advocacy options on policies that impact children, youth, and families.  

ICOY believes in taking action for policies that impact children, youth, and families on both a state and federal level. By taking part in the QRN, participants will receive timely requests to contact lawmakers with support or opposition on policy issues affecting the lives of children and their families.  

During the legislative session, we rely on the QRN to take timely advocacy steps on important issues that impact children, youth, and families. By receiving updates, participants may be expected to:  

  • Call your Representative or Senator by phone or email with provided talking points 
  • Email your Representative or Senator with provided talking points 
  • File a witness slip, as a proponent or in opposition, on a specific bill 
  • Add organization(s) to a collective voice addressing important federal or state issues that impact children, youth, and families. See below for advocacy opportunities.  

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