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Attendance Policy for Virtual Trainings

Effective July 1, 2022, ICOY has updated our attendance policy to capture attendance and participation as accurately as possible. Please note: failure to follow these guidelines may result in attendees' participation being marked as incomplete and render them ineligible to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or Certificates of Attendance. 

Canceling ahead of time

All registrants that can no longer attend a training they have registered for should plan to give notice of their cancellation at least 3 business days ahead of the start date.

In order to cancel your registration, you may contact ICOY's Training Team with the details of your cancellation. Please include your name, the title of training you are registered for, and the date.

On the day of the training

  • Audio & Video requirements for participants
    • The “dial-in option” offered via Zoom will no longer be recognized as an acceptable form of participation, and will no longer be offered as an option for our trainings.
    • Participants must have access to a device with a functioning microphone or headphones. 
    • Participants must utilize a computer with a stable internet connection. 
    • All attendees' web cameras must be turned on for the duration of the training
      • If an attendee must step away, they should communicate this to the training coordinator via the chat function in Zoom. Failure to do so may result in attendees' participation being marked as incomplete for the training.
  • Only one participant per device
    • ICOY strongly advises against any device sharing between participants in our virtual trainings.
    • If multiple people log in to a training using a single computer, ICOY will only record the name and organization of the registrant whose computer is being utilized as having attended the training. Further, only the individual that registers for the training will be eligible to receive CEUs and a Certificate of Attendance.
  • All attendees are expected to actively participate for the duration of the training
    • Active participation consists of:
      • Staying visible during the training via webcam
      • Contributing comments during open discussions (written or verbal)
      • Engaging in group activities during breakout session
      • Responding to poll questions, where applicable
    • Failure to do so may result in attendees' participation being marked as incomplete.
    • Any participants that are unable to attend the full training should contact ICOY's Training Team to determine if they are still eligible to receive credit for their participation. Any requests sent to ICOY's Training Team on this matter should include the participant's name, the title/date of the training, and any other details relevant to the situation.

Please note: On the day of the training, if there are issues connecting, or if participants cannot be active during the entirety of the training, they must reach out to ICOY's Training Team to notify them of the situation. ICOY will not recognize attendance for those that fail to communicate any discrepancies, and these participants will be ineligible to receive CEUs or a Certificate of Attendance.



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